The Sound of Serendipity Cover Release

The Sound of Serendipity

Check out the beautiful new cover for Cynthia A. Rodriguez‘s upcoming book, The Sound of Serendipity. The cover was expertly designed by artist Hang Le. The Sound of Serendipity is set to release April 2016. Read the synopsis below.

The Sound of Serendipity back cover

So many things can happen to a person on a Central Park bench.

For Emerson Kingsley, falling in love happened, despite her broken monster of a heart.

Emerson knows more about listening than she does about love, whether it’s listening to artists as a music producer or listening to stories as she people watches.

Months of watching Maddox Bailey from a park bench are to blame for her infatuation. In her mind, the moment they meet will be spectacular if she ever finds the nerve to speak to him.

But when the two share an awkward cab ride, she realizes that maybe fantasies are meant to stay that way.

The only problem is, now that they’ve met, he keeps popping up in her life. Each time he does, Emerson finds the real-life Maddox to be better than anything she could’ve dreamed—sexy, passionate, and sweeter than his chocolate brown eyes.

A woman in love with possibilities meets a man determined to make them happen.





Crashing Souls Releases!

Crashing Souls cover

In Crashing Souls, Cynthia A. Rodriguez breaks away from her Mystic Waters series to bring readers a modern tale of long-lost love.

Given a second chance to find the love of his life, whose soul was placed inside someone else after a tragic accident, a young man finds himself taking over the life of a teenager named Dexter. But there are rules: She will not remember him and he will only have fragmented memories, not knowing anything about the life he has been placed in and barely anything about the life he once lived. He embarks on a journey to right Dex’s wrongs and find the woman whose soul belongs with his, no matter what it takes. Finding her is one thing, loving her and her self-destructive ways is another.

Artful, sharp, and compelling, Crashing Souls explores the permanent mark left behind when two souls crash together.

Crashing Souls is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and several other retailers. (Paperback: $9.99; E-book: $4.99)



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Happy birthday, Cynthia A. Rodriguez!

cynthia a rodriguez

Wishing Cynthia A. Rodriguez a fabulous birthday and a memorable trip around the sun.

Thank you

Thank you

We’d like to extend our gratitude to the book bloggers and book lovers who participated in the cover reveal for Cynthia A. Rodriguez’s upcoming novel, Crashing Souls. Thank you especially to the following Instagrammers:



Crashing Souls release date and cover reveal




We are thrilled to reveal this gorgeous cover of our next publication: Crashing Souls by Cynthia A. Rodriguez. This dark and moving story releases October 27th, just in time for Halloween! Crashing Souls will be Rodriguez’s third book and her first book outside of the Mystic Waters series.

Crashing Souls exemplifies the depth of Rodriguez’s talent and will be a new favorite for fans of her work. Enjoy the excerpt below and make sure to add Crashing Souls to your Fall reading list.

There’s always that moment where you realize just how close you’re standing to someone. That was my moment. I was breathing her air.

I leaned in closer to her, feeling like I was being pulled toward her. So close. So damn close.

“Don’t you kiss me, Dexter,” she said, placing her hand on my chest. “Don’t ruin me for anyone else if you aren’t going to stick around.”

“You think you haven’t ruined me already?” I asked, playing with the ends of her hair. I didn’t want to betray the fact that my heart was beating erratically in my ribcage.

She stepped back, out of my reach. “You said I was someone to be won over and over. Win me, please.” She walked away and out of the room before I could tell her that I would. I had no idea how, but I would.

As Silence Is Your Witness Release Party

As Silence Is Your Witness

Join international poet Charlotte Brady in celebrating the release of As Silence Is Your Witness. The event will take place at the Butterfly House in Pinecrest Gardens. You may RSVP for this event here. We look forward to see you there.

Charlotte Brady

Charlotte Brady


Chasing the Tide Kindle edition now available

Chasing the Tide Kindle edition


The Chasing the Tide Kindle edition is now available for download here. Be the first to read it and rate it on Amazon!

Mystic Waters on sale

 Mystic Waters is on sale in both e-book and print format through the month of May in order to give readers who are new to the series an opportunity to catch up now that the sequel, Chasing the Tide, is out. Print copies of Mystic Waters are currently available for $7.99 on our site. E-books are available for $4.99 on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and most other e-book retailers.


Chasing the Tide releases today

Chasing the Tide

Chasing the Tide by Cynthia A. Rodriguez releases today! We love this dark sequel to Mystic Waters. Rodriguez managed to perfect this book in less than a year, and we are eager to share it with her fans. Print copies are available on this siteBarnes & Noble, Amazon, and more. The e-book should be available soon.